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Colonists from the original 13 colonies time traveled to St. Peter School where they taught the third graders about their lives.  The shared the history of their colony, their daily life and their family’s daily life, their colony’s flag, a craft from their colony, and a sample of food from their colony.  Unfortunately, these colonists have to return to the colonial time period at the end of the school day, and they won’t be able to stick around for tomorrow.  Third grade really enjoyed their visit, though!  Click here to see more pictures!

Colonial Day

Students at St. Peter School, working in their “Student Families” made individual packages of donated items, along with cards, drawings, and notes (in English, with Creole phrases) for students at our sister school in Haiti. They did a wonderful job and had so much fun! Click here to see more pictures!
October Student Families

The Pre-K class has been learning about the parts of a plant and the life cycle of plants. They looked at and compared a variety of seeds and have been observing lentils grow. They learned how the leaves of plants make food for it through the process of photosynthesis. Click here to read more!

4th graders studied climate in the United States and the factors that influence and define weather and climate.  Tehy learned how to read and create a line graph using average low and high temperatures for Washington, DC.

4th grade graphs

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, we had a special performance by the musical group "Los Gallos Negros". They are a locally famous musical group, and they have performed several times at events sponsored by the Smithsonian museums. The students loved it!!
Click here to see pictures.

The 7th and 8th grade classes went on a field trip to Camp Calleva in Poolesville, Maryland on Monday. Students worked in teams on the ropes course elements had a fun day in nature!
2014 Calleva

This past week 6th grade created their own Greek city-states.  These city-states are complete with their own government, rules for citizenship, economy, and geography.  Each city-state was based on a Greek city-state, but students creatively incorporated modern stores and technology, like Apple, District Donut, and Costco.  Some of the city-states founded in the kingdom of 6th grade were Mortonville, Willtropolis, Rodopolis, and Lizland.    All of the city-states were incredibly creative and well put together!  Great job 6th grade!!
6th Grade City-States

Our Annual School Blessing took place on Friday morning. We are blessed to be starting off another school year together. Click here to see more pictures.
2014 School Blessing

Our annual Summer Reading party was full of world class fun! Our 2nd-8th graders were able to take part in the "Book A Trip" party for completing their summer reading assignments. Click here to see more pictures.
2014 Summer Reading Party

Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year!

Welcome back!

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