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International Day

Students traveled to and learned about Ireland, China, Greece, Denmark, The Philippines, United Kingdom, Bolivia, Japan, Australia and Belgium during our 2017 International Day.
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Field Day and BBQ

Students demonstrated teamwork and sportsmanship at today's field day! We were blessed with amazing weather and students had a blast! The Purple team won overall, Yet again, teachers defeated the eighth graders in the annual basketball game. Thanks to all the parents who grilled and helped with our BBQ. A most special thank you to the amazing Ms. Allen who yet again made sure everyone had the best day!
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8th Graders

Congratulations to all of our 8th graders! Today they proudly displayed the schools they will be moving on to next fall!
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Thank You Mrs. Ketchum!

The students have been carefully planning a surprise going away celebration for Mrs. Ketchum along with the HSA. We pulled it off this afternoon (even though the weather forced us indoors)! Every grade presented Mrs. Ketchum with a card and their favorite memories of her. We will miss you Mrs. Ketchum!
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6th Grade D.C. Architecture Field Trip

The 6th grade class took a walking field trip with Ms. Mills and her brother, an Architecture major at Catholic University. The students took pictures and talked about the Greek Influence on the Capitol and Supreme Court buildings.
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Second Grade Field Trip

After ending a unit on soil and heading into new unit on plant life the second graders went on a field trip to the National Botanical Gardens today. They were able to pot their own cacao bean and explore various plant life!
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Math Bee

Congratulations to all of our grades 4-8 math bee participants. They impressed all of us with their math knowledge. For a second year in a row Maggie H. won the math bee and Simyrn is our Pi champion with a new school record of 540 numbers of pi memorized!
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The leprechaun(s), once again, created a little St. Patrick's Day shenanigans today. They broke into classrooms, made messes in the bathrooms, left notes and prints everywhere. Some lucky students even spotted them! Despite the traps created and laid out by first graders, none were caught!
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