Catholic students in second grade are invited to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. The eighth grader Catholic students are invited to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
School Mass / Altar Servers

First through eighth graders prepare the Liturgy for school-wide Masses each week. All of the students participate in Mass through singing and reading, and Catholic students receive the Eucharistic. In fourth grade, students can choose to be trained by a priest to be altar servers. Altar servers serve at both school and weekend Masses.

Reading Incentive Programs / Summer Reading / Newberry Club
  In addition to the St. Peter’s School’s Accelerated Reader program, there are many additional reading incentive programs that go on throughout the year, beginning with the summer reading challenge. These incentives are theme-based and require students to read a certain number of books on a subject. Those who complete the requirements often go on a theme-related field trip, perform a reader’s theatre, or participate in a theme-related party. Past examples include the “I Vote for Books” challenge that included a trip to the White House, a Lincoln Bicentennial challenge that included a trip to Ford’s Theater, and the Newberry Club challenge, in which students performed a reader’s theater of the book Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!, by Amy Shlitz.
Student Council
  Student Council representatives from each class engage students in activities and projects for the community such as a walk-a-thon for the homeless, a baby drive, and food drives. The Student Council also organizes school spirit activities, such as dances, and organizes efforts to improve and maintain the physical environment of the school. Council members are expected to spearhead activities with help from a teacher sponsor.
Safety Patrol
  Students in sixth grade can volunteer to serve on safety patrol. Members are on duty before and after school to help students arrive and depart safely and to assist younger students to and from their classrooms. The patrols also help maintain order in hallways and stairwells. Above average grades and good behavior must be maintained to stay on safety patrol.
Green Club
  The four R’s of waste management - reduce, reuse, recycle, and reject are emphasized in the Green Club’s activities. The group works to raise awareness of and implement eco-friendly initiatives and opportunities for students in an effort to make the school more “green.”
  As part of the Archdiocesan Music Program, students may learn to play a musical instrument beginning in 4th grade. There is a beginner and advanced band group. The band performs two concerts per year; one as part of the school Christmas program and the other in the spring. The band participates in the Archdiocesan Music Festival, and received and “Excellent” rating in the 2008-2009 school year for its performance.
Science Fair
  Students from the third grade and up are required to participate in the elementary or middle school science fair. All students are required to use the scientific method in performing and presenting their experiments. Most of the work for projects is done at home, but the teachers keep track of student progress and aid struggling students. The middle school science fair award winners are invited to participate in the DC Math, Science, and Technology Fair held yearly at McKinley Tech High School. In the past, St. Peter’s students have won awards in the Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Health, and Engineering categories.
Music / Christmas Concert / Spring Musical
  All classes participate in music education as a part of the curriculum offered at St. Peter’s. Each class performs in a Christmas concert, and students are invited to audition for a spring musical.
Aftercare Programs
  In PK-Grade 8, students can participate in the following activities that vary by season but many students enjoy: Tae Kwon Do, folk guitar, hula-hooping, yoga, American poetry, soccer, Interactive Story Theater, Latin, drawing, piano, arts and science, Adventure Theater, ballet, after school reading, and Hip-Hop Dance. .
CYO Sports
  The Catholic Youth Organization, or CYO, invites student athletes to participate in girls and boys basketball and track. The teams in the league compete against other Catholic school teams in the area. Boys and girls in grades 4-8 are eligible to participate. Teams are coached by parents and meet for weekly practices.