One of the many strengths of St. Peter School is community engagement. Our close-knit, supportive, and involved community enables students, faculty, and parents to know each other and work collectively on behalf of our children.
A major goal of St. Peter School education is to establish in students the Catholic ethic of concern for and service to others. Students regularly engage in service activities designed to foster social awareness. These activities carried out by the Student Families and the Student Council.
All students are members of a Student Family which is led by an eighth grade student and includes students from each grade, Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. Student Families work quarterly on a service project such as packaging household items fro American and international families in need or collecting funds for Operation Rice Bowl. The Student Families also encourage mentorships and friendships between the older students and their younger peers.
The Student Council leads canned food drives, organizes winter clothing drives, and raises funds for a charitable organization each month. Middle School students are required to perform 15 hours of community service each year; all parents also perform volunteer hours in service of the school community.
Students learn to care for and respect one another, and how to be good stewards of the earth. Through the implementation of Disciple of Christ-Education in Virtue, a Christian curriculum based on Catholic virtues, positive character traits are instilled in students. This program is taught in Pk-Grade 8 and focuses on one virtue each month. 
There are many community building events throughout the year for the school families sponsored by both the school and the Home and School Association (HSA), including picnics, game nights, student event receptions, parent coffees, and open houses for both prospective and current parents. St. Peter School is fortunate to have strong support for its families, parishioners, and the community at large.