St. Peter School is a family of learners serving the Capitol Hill parishes and community. The children are provided with an education that is founded on love of God and service to others, characterized by Catholic values and academic excellence, and dedicated to addressing each child's unique talents and abilities.

Philosophy of Learning

The primary objective of St. Peter School is to educate the whole child. Inherent in this mission is an individualized approach to education in which each student's abilities, learning style, and particular needs are appreciated and addressed.

  • A child's education should be holistic - encompassing intellectual development and academic knowledge; the acquisition of morals to guide behavior; and growth in each child's emotional, physical, and spiritual being.
  • Learning is a lifelong and cumulative whereby acquiring a love of knowledge at an early age leads to an honorable and rewarding lifetime of self-fulfillment, and service to God.
  • The pursuit of knowledge - for the highest and best achievements of the intellect - is the purpose of learning.
  • Our goal as educators is to develop each child we teach into a mature and responsible citizen imbued with character, responsibility, and service.
  • High academic standards in a nurturing environment will provide children with a foundation for success in secondary and higher education.