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Virtue of the Month

St. Peter School Virtue Program


As a school embedded with Catholic values, academic excellence, and service to others, we teach our students to be successful both in and out of the classroom. The SPS virtue program emphasizes character development through a positive behavior reward system and monthly classroom lessons dedicated to the virtue of the month. The school counselor plans developmentally appropriate lessons to teach in PK through Grade 8. Every classroom has a poster that notes the specific virtue focused on that month as well as what this virtue “looks like” and “sounds like.”  This is a visible reminder to students to adopt and practice the virtue.

Students who demonstrate exceptional Christ-like and virtuous behavior may be given a “Cool Cat.” Every grade competes to win the most “Cool Cats” each month. The class with the most “Cool Cats” gets to keep the virtue trophy in their classroom for the month and add a decoration to the trophy. The grade winner of the virtue trophy is announced the last Friday of the month.  That class receives a free dress day the following month.



  • Courage to face the changes, uncertainties and challenges that come with a new school year

OCTOBER: Kindness

  • Ties in with National Anti-Bullying month.  Focus on spreading kindness to others in our words and actions

NOVEMBER: Gratitude

  • Ties in with Thanksgiving holiday. Focuses on recognizing and voicing the people/things we are grateful and thankful for in our lives


  • As the school year wears on, a reminder of respecting ourselves, others, learning and property.

JANUARY: Perseverance

  • With the start of the new year, a reminder to be determined in our efforts whether it be in sticking to our new year’s resolutions, or our studies as things get increasingly difficult.


  • Ties in with St. Valentine’s Day holiday. One way to show love to others is to be honest.
MARCH: Self-Control
  • Ties into mindful March and Lenten season. If we are mindful in our words and actions we will be taking the time to exhibit self-control rather than impulsivity.

APRIL: Responsibility

  • With growth over the course of the school year and our lives come new responsibilities.  This month we are reminded to take ownership over the tasks we are given.

MAY: Patience

  • With the end of the school year approaching and everyone getting antsy for summer, reminders to be patient are so important.