Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for continuing St. Peter School's stellar outplacement record. Next stops?  Challenging and successful high school years!

Ian Catanzano: Gonzaga College High School
Michael Ciampoli: DeMatha Catholic High School
Cole Cioffi: Gonzaga College High School
Brady Cookson: Gonzaga College High School​​​​​​​
John Cookson: Gonzaga College High School
Evan Delcher: Gonzaga College High School
Alexander Denton: Gonzaga College High School
Elaina Ertel: St. John's College High School
Mikyas Fissehazion: Gonzaga College High School​​​​​​​
Virginia Fontana: Bishop O'Connell High School​​​​​​​
Sadie Heimberg: St. John's College High School​​​​​​​
Luke Heusinkveld: Gonzaga College High School​​​​​​​
Daniel House: DeMatha Catholic High School​​​​​​​
Madison Lancaster: St. John's College High School
Jane Lester: St. John's College High School​​​​​​​
Eleanor Murray: Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School​​​​​​​
Kian Musante: Gonzaga College High School​​​​​​​
Delena Negussie: St. John's College High School​​​​​​​
Margaret Penndorf: The Academy of the Holy Cross
Isabella Routh: Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School​​​​​​​
Gabrielle Sloan: Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School​​​​​​​
Andrew Trujillo: Bishop O'Connell High School​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Abigail Wilmot: Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School