A critical component of a St. Peter School education is developing concern for others and embracing the values that anchor the Catholic faith. Students regularly engage in service activities designed to foster social awareness. Many of these activities are initiated by the Student Council, which sponsors several annual drives and collections, and raises money each month for a selected charitable organization.  Recently elected Student Council 21 22:


President: Isabella Routh

Vice President: Kian Musante

Secretary: Jane Lester

Historian: Delena Negussie

Treasurer: Evan Delcher

Grade 4 Representatives: Teagan Hurley and Jack Jameson

Grade 5 Representatives: Cecilia Bergen and Joey Mallek

Grade 6 Representatives: Delaney Hurley and Davis Silverman

Grade 7 Representatives: Jack Cushman and Ainsley Kovarik

Grade 8 Representatives: Sadie Heimberg and Maggie Penndorf


A grand total of 48 students ran for Student Government office this year. Congratulations to the new Student Council and to all civic-minded voters whose voices were HEARD!